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Connecting a carrier to Omisell allows you to create orders straight from Omisell and control them swiftly and accurately. See details here.

Customers’ return orders on e-commerce platforms will be immediately recorded in Omisell’s “Returns orders” section. Manual updating is required for return orders from sales channels other than exchanges.

To be able to manage this type of return order on the Omisell, you need to install the Return Handling application. See details here.

The action of synchronizing products on the social/retail sales channel is just a declaration to the Omisell system to manage orders and products. This action is not meant to post products on the sale channel!

You access the item Inventory -> Adjust inventory -> Select warehouse -> Add/order products. See details here.

Please sync the product again from the shop, then go to Catalogue -> Shop is selling to check the price. If not, please ask a question here for support.

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