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Promotion/Combo – App to Manage and Create Bundles


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Sales app with the bundle will help you to create sales bundle, this is beneficial for your business:

  • Increase number of visits
  • Sell more products/items in a single order
  • Increase sales revenue


To create and list a bundle you need to install the Promotion/Combo app. Refer to the instructions on how to install the app here.

Bundles on e-commerce and sales platforms

Creating bundle

Before creating a bundle, you are required to sync all products from (e-commerce and sales) platforms first, then you can link to the products inventories because when the order is synced from the platforms, only then Omisell would notice the bundle (multiple products in order) and hence Omisell can adjust inventories accordingly.

After you have installed the app, you need to follow these steps to create a bundle
Step 1: Go to Promotion/Combo app
Step 2: Click “Create Bundle”


Step 3: On the new window, choose your main product in the search bar “Search main product”.

Note: The products in this category need to be currently for sale but not yet stock-link with any products on Omisell system

Step 4: After finishing searching for your product, go to “Choose bind product” to choose which product you want to put in the bundle.


Step 5: Click “Create Bundle” to complete this tutorial. The newly created bundle will be listed right outside the app interface.


Sales bundle for retail stores

Create a bundle for retail stores

Step 1: Go to Promotion/Combo app
Step 2: Click “Create Bundle Retail”
Step 3: On the new window, choose the products you want to add into the sales bundle >> then choose “Next”


Step 4: The system will display a new window to set up information about the bundle. After filling out the required information >> Click “Next”


Step 5: The screen switches to a new section, you will need to select which retail stores that you want to create a bundle


Step 6: Click “Create Bundle” to complete this tutorial. The newly created bundle will be displayed in the bundle list right after opening the app.

Edit bundle information

To edit information for a created bundle, click the edit icon >> Add/remove the product from the bundle >> Click “Update Bundle” to save the changes


Copy bundle to retail stores

To save time creating a sales bundle, you can use the copy bundle feature. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the list of created bundles, select the bundle you want to copy >> Click the three vertical dots >> Click “Copy”


Step 2: On the new window, you need to fill in information for the bundle (if the bundle is from platforms other than retail stores) like weight, price, packing dimensions, combo details,… >> Click “Next”


Step 3: Select a retail store you want to copy the bundle details to >> Click “Create Bundle” >> A duplicate bundle will be created.


Create promotions

This section will allow you to create promotions by-products and time frames. This is for when you have an order on sales channels ( Shopee, Lazada,…) that you have just run a promotion, order synchronization will follow your campaign to automatically discount products and combine combos to match → Then, your profit can be calculated.


To create a promotion, click the Promotion/Combo app → Select Promotion section
Then click “Create promotion”
Here, you can fill in information about your promotion program that is currently running on your sales channel: Duration of promotion, promotion according to the product/order value,…


Omisell is currently partners with more than 1,000 retailers, processing more than 20,000 orders with over 300,000 products every day with Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc. We operate in 5 SEA countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

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