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Payment reconciliation app is an app that helps you manage and track your deliveries to aid you manage your business easier

1.Payment Reconciliation installation

To use Payment Reconciliation app, you need to go to “Browse app” , select Detail in “Payment Reconciliation”, refer to this instruction

Application Management

Authorize user in the application

Step 1: Go to “Settings” >> Select “Add user”.
Step 2: On the new window, choose a user available in the dropdown list (taken from Omisell)
Note: To add a user that is not in Omisell, you need to add their emails into Staff Management first

payment reconciliation

Step 3: Select “Add user” >> Their emails will be displayed (Payment Reconciliation >> Settings)

Remove user rights in the application

To stop giving authorization to the app for an email, you just need to click the three vertical dots at the end of an email that you want to remove and click “Delete”

Manage payment control history:

See payment control history:

Go to “Cross-check history” in the app, here will list the cross-check changes that have been made with the time when the changes occur.

payment reconciliation

Export cross-check files

To export a cross-check file, go to “Cross-check history” >> select the download icon (at the end of the updated time of the cross-check that you want to see) >> The download will be as an excel file with orders that have been cross-checked at the selected time.

Delete cross-check history:

To delete old cross-check history, you need to click the two arrows circling corresponding to the cross-check time you want to cancel/delete. >> history status will change to “Cancel update”

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