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Most powerful E-commerce Omni-channel management tool for Southeast Asia market

Typical Brands Who Chose Omisell

Powering sellers across Southeast Asia

Omni-channel management in one single platform

Grow Your Sales

Easily expand your sales channels locally and globally. Omisell is connected to more than 50 partners and marketplaces all around the world.

Operating More Efficient

Increase your team’s management capacity by up to 25% using Omisell’s integrated system. We provided fully management tools and third-party apps.

More Convenient

Keep track of all your sales movements. Setup Omisell within few minutes and watch your numbers skyrocket.

Why These Brands Use Omisell?

Easy, Centralized Stores Integration

You can easily manage all your stores in a single platform. Simply log in to your web-based dashboard to view data from all your stores in one convenient place.

Product synchronized from and to all online sales channels

Reach more customers by listing product to many stores at once. Create a product in the system and let Omisell publish it to all connected stores.

Smart Inventory Management

Manage stock levels to never run out of products to sell. Omisell allows automatic stock update with each placed order.

Omni-Channel Order Management

Bulk orders processing with mass update and label printing tools. All orders are synchronized every 10 minutes and be able to support express delivery within 2 hours.

Multiple Supporting Apps

Integrate with various applications from accounting, customer care to marketing, telesales,… to help optimize your business operations and administration on a single platform.

Get all these features in just one click

Starting at $22.50, you will get

Stores (online and offline)

5 stores

$2.5/each additonal store

Number of products (by SKU)

100 product SKUs

$2.5/each additional 50 product SKUs

Number of Orders processed

10,000 orders/month

$0.5/each additional 1000 orders

Check out some of the features below

  • Connect sales channel

  • Product Management

  • Sync orders

  • Inventory management

  • Overview report

  • Connecting carrier

  • Customer support

  • Manage Return Order

  • Telesales

  • POS

  • Payment reconciliation

  • Cash Book

  • DMS Management

  • Advanced reporting

  • Advanced analytics & reporting

Latest News

Stay up to date with E-commerce’s latest trends and best practices as well as Omisell developments