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E-commerce Insights

Becoming Lazada Top Seller: Tips and Tricks

Lazada offers a diverse set of benefits to potential e-commerce entrepreneurs. Because of its large user base, Lazada is often regarded as the place to

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4 Ways Your Brand Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is about balancing today’s needs with future generations’ environmental and social impacts. Customers today are more concerned than ever before about the environmental effects

E-commerce Insights

4 tips for picking a courier

Selecting a perfect courier service (FedEx, Viettel Post,…) for your business is an important factor in how the customers will view your business. If their

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E-commerce Insights

4 Ways To Prevent Customer Complaints

First of all, having customer complaints is time-consuming to deal with but it’s not all bad, your business can grow from it since most of

E-commerce Insights

5 Benefits of Omnichannel retailing

What is Omni-channel? Just like multi-channel selling, omnichannel purpose is to reach your customers by offering your products on many different sales channels (Shopee, Lazada,…).

E-commerce Insights

7 ways for branding with limited resources

For new businesses, limited resources make marketing products difficult. In fact, there are many ways to grow your brand on a budget. This article will