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Lazada Supports Customers To Push Products For Free

Lazada Supports Customers To Push Products For Free

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As one of the first e-commerce platforms to appear in the Vietnamese market, Lazada has become a familiar shopping channel for consumers. To increase the experience for buyers, Lazada supports customers in optimizing sales channels and many other special policies.

A powerful tool for sellers on the exchange is the product push feature. On the current Lazada Seller Center seller channel, product push is being applied for free, allowing sellers to push potential best-selling products to the search results page.

What is product push feature?

Product push is a completely free tool that allows sellers to push their shop’s potential products to the search results page. Sellers only need to select the product they want to push, the product will be displayed in the search results page, creating an opportunity to increase sales for the seller.

The pushed product will have 3 display positions:
On the search results page: If 2 sellers push the same product, the product with the higher number of purchases, reviews and comments will be displayed first.
With the web version, at the bottom of the search results page: the pushed product will show up at the bottom of the search results page as a Seller’s Pick.
With the app version, in the Store section > All products: display all pushed products.

Everything you need to know about product push

Product push count

For genuine sellers – LazMall: 6 push/week

For new sellers (first 14 days): 1 push/week

  • Have at least 3 active SKUs

For general sellers: 3 push/week

  • Have at least 3 active SKUs
  • Seller rating index >60%
  • Chat response rate with customers >85%
  • Use the store builder feature – decorate the store

New data is updated every Monday, the list of sellers who are enabled for this feature will also be changed.

Tips Lazada to support customers to push products

1/ Push your best selling SKU before the Promotion
Buyers usually start searching for products and add them to their cart about 1 week before the Promotion takes place. If you proceed to push the product before, the visibility will be higher, reaching more customers, thereby improving the conversion rate to revenue.
2/ Identify the best selling SKU
You can optimize product performance by making sure it gets enough hits. By going to Advanced Analytics, sellers will be able to track which products are selling well but need more visits.

3/ Push many different products
Sellers should combine pushing best-selling products with new products to increase sales efficiency. One tip to turn a new product into a best seller is to combine product push, Flash Deal, and other tools to increase efficiency.
4/ Continually evaluate and change strategy
Product push is a promotion tool that needs to be monitored and updated regularly. Because it is a free tool, to compete with other sellers, you need to change the offer or product if the sales performance is not good.
5/ Distribution of product push
Product push may allow you to push continuously for 14 days if eligible. Allocate product push every Monday and remember to track performance every day!

Above is the information sellers on Lazada need to know about the feature of pushing products on the platform. To do business with the platform effectively, you need to persevere in learning and accumulating experience. E-commerce is a fertile ground for sellers to develop not only in the country. Currently, there are many 3rd parties to support sellers on multi-channel, multi-platform, or cross-border sales. In Southeast Asia, Omisell can be mentioned – software that helps you connect, synchronize data and centrally manage all sales channels.

Omisell is currently partners with more than 1,000 retailers, processing more than 20,000 orders with over 300,000 products every day with Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc. We operate in 5 SEA countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

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