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Frequently asked questions when using Lazada

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Should you sell on Lazada?
As one of the first e-commerce platforms in Vietnam since 2012, Lazada is a sales channel trusted by many customers, especially LazMall – where brands open genuine booths to distribute products.
Currently, Lazada has many policies to support sellers the platform to compete with Shopee. Besides, Shopee is now starting to collect sales fees, so selling more at Lazada is also a new direction applied by many Shopee sellers.

With a system of 35 order coordination centers across the country and a huge customer database, Lazada is truly an “online marketplace” suitable for sellers.

Is there a fee to sell on Lazada?
Currently, Lazada does not charge sellers on the platform, but Lazada will collect commission discounts on sales orders as well as provide shipping prices for orders. And to participate in Mega Sale sales programs on Lazada, sellers must reduce product prices without being subsidized from the platform.

Does selling on Lazada require a business license?
Selling on Lazada can be many objects such as individuals, business households and businesses. Depending on who you are and what products you sell, there will be different registration requirements. Specifically:
– Individuals: only selling fashion products on Lazada and NOT selling branded products sold on the market. Documents needing ID card and bank account are enough
– Subjects of household business: Need to send business license and tax code Household business
– Business objects: Only stores on Lazada registered with this form can become genuine stores and use FBL (Fulfillment by Lazada) service. The procedure for registering to sell household products on Lazada is the company’s operating license.

What to sell on the Lazada?
If you are an individual, Lazada only allows selling fashion items on the platform. As for business households or enterprises, they will be able to expand the product line for sale depending on their registration license. In general, Lazada can sell almost all tangible products, which can list a number of strong products on Lazada such as fashion, cosmetics, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, gifts for children. mother and baby, groceries.

Do sales on Lazada have to pay tax?
According to the latest regulations in Circular 40 of the Ministry of Finance, effective from August 1, 2021, business individuals with an annual income of 100 million VND or more will have to pay value-added tax and income tax. individual. The applicable tax rate is 1.5% on turnover, including 1% value-added tax rate and 0.5% personal income tax. Also according to this circular, individuals selling goods on Vietnamese e-commerce platforms will be subject to a tax deduction on revenue. Based on the revenue and other revenues received by business individuals on the platform, including receipts via shipping units – COD, forms of payment intermediaries, etc.

If you have an income of over VND 100 million a year selling goods on the Lazada, in the near future Lazada may have a tax declaration policy for its sellers.

Is it possible to sell orders on Lazada?
Lazada requires sellers to prepare goods to be “ready to ship” within 24 hours of the order being created. If the warehouse you intend to order is close by and can meet the above preparation time, you can do order business, but selling on Lazada will be more optimal when you have the goods ready to close. Package immediately without waiting time to pick up the goods.

How to register to become Lazmall on Lazada?
If you are a business that wants to register as a Lazmall seller on Lazada, you must be a brand owner or an authorized distributor directly from the brand.

For old sellers at Lazada who want to register to become Lazmall, they need to be businesses and satisfy the following conditions:

  • is a brand owner or an authorized distributor directly from the brand in Vietnam
  • Have sold at least for 6 months on Lazada
  • Have a minimum of 30 orders/month
  • Shops on Lazada should have the following standard performance metrics:
  • Seller rating > 70%
  • Cancellation rate (due to seller error) < 2% On-time delivery > 90%
  • Chat (IM) response rate > 85%
  • Return rate < 1%

Return rate < 1% When your shop meets the requirements as above, if you are a new shop, you can go to this link to fill out the Lazmall registration form: If you already have a shop, you can submit your application to become Lazmall right in the Lazada Seller Center interface as follows:

Step 1: Under “My Account” => Click “Profile”
Step 2: Go to the “Brand” section to view the registration page
Step 3: Fill in the registration page and enclose documents about brand information, store logo, Banner Template, Trademark Certificate (brand owner), or letter of authorization (Distributor Authorization) )
Click “Submit” and wait for a response from Lazada

After submitting your application to become Lazmall, you will receive email feedback about the results.

Do Lazada sales need a printer?
To sell on Lazada you will definitely need a printer to print shipping stamps on your order. In addition, depending on the nature of sales, you may need a printer to print a list of products, print invoices,…

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