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7 Ideas For Beginners To Start Their Business

bussiness idea for beginner

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Online business is a common trend today. The business does not need a premises, just having products available for sale online has great attraction. Many people choose to start selling with an online business model. However, what products to sell online so as not to be outdated is always a question of many people. Here are some great online business ideas for those who are wondering: How to start?

1. Fashion items in boxes

Fashion items are always well received by the market. With unique and strange characteristics, few encounters. Fashion items in crates or secondhand items, secondhand (2hand) are well received by many fashionistas.

When selling boxed fashion items, you need to be selective to avoid selling products with many errors to customers, leaving a bad impression. Fashion items often impress customers more when shop owners take pictures of the products themselves. Boxed fashion items often sell well in the form of sales via livestream.

2. Cosmetics business

Humans are always aiming for self-improvement and the need for beauty is also one of them. With a variety of options in price segments, brands,… the cosmetics business becomes a lucrative market for many traders.

The cosmetic market in Vietnam is still chaotic with a mix of many fake and imitation goods. Therefore, when embarking on this model, sellers must start building a trustworthy image for their store to gain the trust of customers.

3. Decor

Home decoration items are also a current trend. When the covid epidemic makes people work from home, decorating the house less monotonously and more interesting is thought by many people. Small decorative products that are not too expensive such as flower vases, table decorations, night lights, table lamps… do not require high capital and bring significant profits.

4. Mini bonsai 

Mini bonsai models are increasingly popular because of their compactness, mobility and ease of care. With a variety of designs and compact plant pots with prices from 50-250,000 VND, mini bonsai items are becoming an online business trend.

To start a mini bonsai business, you first need to have knowledge of how to grow plants as well as the types of plants and the characteristics of each type of tree. With the mini bonsai model, an effective sales channel can be on social networks or on Shopee with the option of super-fast delivery and only selling within the province to avoid damage or broken trees during the delivery process.

5. Junk food 

The need to eat well and dress well is always a human need. The snack business is to meet half of this requirement. With a variety of snacks products from north to south to meet the needs of all ages, young, girls, boys, the online snacking business has helped many people become well off.

Depending on the type of food you sell such as can it be preserved well or not or need to be eaten immediately, choose the appropriate selling channel. For example, instant products such as fruit pickles, milk tea, teas, etc. can be sold on social networks or through food delivery apps such as beamin, now, grab,…Eating products Dried snacks such as biscuits, … in addition to selling through social networks can be sold on e-commerce floors due to their ease of transportation without fear of being damaged during long-term delivery.

6. Diet food 

Besides the junk food business, the diet food business is also a new one trend because people are more and more interested in health and weight issues. Dietary products such as brown rice noodles, cereal grains, dietary sugar, etc. are being interested and purchased by many people while currently there are quite a few suppliers for these items. This is a very potential new market for those who are just starting an online business.

7.  Handmade goods

Handmade items have always been a favorite item for many people due to their creative and unique nature and limited quantity. The difficult point of this handmade business is that this is a job only for those who are skillful or do, or explore and create beautiful products that attract people’s attention.

Handmade products of great interest can be mentioned as fashion items such as hats, shirts, socks, scarves, jewelry; Decorative items such as bookshelves, pictures, boxes, jars, seals, books,…

Above are 7 online business ideas to help you answer the question of what online business is now? Doing business in each industry has its own unique characteristics and difficulties that require entrepreneurs to be consistent and lucid, have a long-term vision of their development plan, not only suitable in a short time but also in a short period of time. still have to work well in the long term 10-20 years, even 50 years later. Therefore, consider carefully the market you are aiming for, combine with your strengths and choose your own business path.

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