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Top 4 online business ideas in 2021 during the Covid pandemic

online bussiness idea

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The Covid pandemic lasted for a long time, causing the global economy to fall into a serious recession. Many industries had to stop working to limit the spread of the disease. However, in the general difficulties, there are still bright spots in the economy to overcome the pandemic.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, masks have become an inseparable object of each person. In the most stressful times of the epidemic, if you don’t wear a mask to go out, you can be administratively sanctioned. But most importantly, wearing a mask can limit the spread of Coronavirus.

online bussiness idea in 2021

Because of that, the demand for masks is increasing day by day. This is your chance to invest and make a profit.

If you choose to trade in masks, you should learn carefully about mask suppliers and wisely choose quality products to serve consumers.

Air purifier

In recent times, besides the problem of epidemics, air pollution is also one of the problems that make many people worry. Concerned about the impact on health, many people have sought to buy an air purifier to protect the health of themselves and their families.

Customers rush to supermarkets, electronics centers, and e-commerce platforms to find out and buy air purifiers. Many electronics centers have recorded an increase in the number of people buying air purifiers many times higher than before.

online bussiness idea - air purifier

Environmental problems are not simple problems that cannot be solved in a short time. Therefore, this can also be considered as a product to sell for investment and business to make big profits.

Household and vehicle cleaning equipment

During the period of social isolation, most people just stay at home, this is also a time when people want to take care of their homes and cars more.

online bussiness idea - household and vehicle cleaning equipment

You can learn about some devices that have received great attention during the epidemic season such as:

  • Household cleaning equipment
  • Kitchen stuff
  • Vehicle cleaning equipment

Here are suggested items. Readers can learn more to find themselves the right business direction.

Also, it’s easier to own a car these days. In the future, when humanity can control the epidemic and the economy is stable again, consumers will be able to buy more cars. Therefore, car care devices will also remain interesting.

Necessary items

Necessary items that are of great interest during the epidemic season are toilet paper, fast food, food,…

In order to limit the rapid spread of the virus, many places have taken measures to ban people from leaving their homes for non-essential work, all business activities have been halted, and most people are confined to their homes. As a result, the consumption of essential goods also increased.

If you are looking for an item to trade during the pandemic, you can check out these items.

During the raging pandemic, e-commerce emerged as the leading leaf, leading the development of the economy. Therefore, no matter what product you trade, you should also learn how to do business on the e-commerce platform.

Famous e-commerce platforms in Vietnam can be mentioned as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, … Consumers just need to sit at home to place an order, the carrier will deliver the goods. This will limit contact, ensure health.

For effective business, readers can learn sales support software like Omisell with Boost Shopee application. This application will help push your product to the top of the page, increasing the rate of choosing to buy your product.

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