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Books on e-commerce platforms in 2021

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The development of e-commerce has made the shopping habits of Vietnamese people increasingly change in recent years. Catching up with that trend, book business on the e-commerce platform has become a potential land for many young people who love books and want to do business in this field. To really trade books on the platform effectively and profitably, pocket the practical experiences shared below.

Market trend

It makes sense to start an online business with books because books are considered the most basic product for e-commerce, proven with Amazon’s success. In addition, books are also items that are easy to preserve, learn and distribute. Although the reading rate of Vietnamese people is still low, this is still a potential market when the demand for reading and learning is continuously increasing, the book industry is also developing in both the number of published books and the quality of books.

In addition, according to a study by Nielsen Online, the online demand for books of Vietnamese people ranks 4th in the world after Korea, India, and Austria. The rapid increase in Internet users along with the flourishing of the e-commerce industry is bringing many good signs for the online book business.

Customer Segmentation

Books are a category with a very diverse segment, not only classified by age, industry, but also by function, gender… Therefore, before selling books online, you need to identify your target customers. Who is your target?

If the size of the store is small, you should avoid importing too many books that dilute the customer base. Suppose, if you define an online book business for students, then get all kinds of textbooks, reference materials, children’s stories, comics, .. related to improving aptitudes and knowledge. knowledge of each subject. Or focus on a few books that the market never crashes. For example, books about family, parenting, children’s books, books on pregnancy care, how to get rich, business – leadership, foreign languages…

In addition, you can sell a variety of books with all majors such as economics, science, novels, textbooks, engineering, finance, business, psychology, informatics, foreign languages, skills…

The idea of ​​selling used books online is also very attractive. Many types of books, but when republished, are often edited and judged to be less good. Or simply, many customers have the need to buy used books to save costs.

Where to get the price?

To import books in bulk, you can contact publishers and bookstores to order and sign a contract as a distribution agent to buy books at original prices. The average discount rate ranges from 20% – 60% depending on the quantity and your negotiation style. For example, the book cover price is 100,000 VND, the distributor agrees to a 20% discount, you retail 100,000 VND and the profit will be 20,000 VND/book.

Please refer to many sources, negotiate with many suppliers to get the best discount!

Which platform?

E-commerce platforms are a potential market for new sellers who do not have a stable customer base and do not have much business experience. Currently, major exchanges such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada… do not charge any fees when setting up a new store. The platform only collects the surcharges when your online store generates an order.

You need to find out the level of competition on reading books between the platforms, find out the sales policy, the price policy … to choose the most suitable place to sell, you can even sell multi-platforms to increase the level of sales. brand recognition and do not miss out on potential customers.

By trading books on the platform, you will not have to worry about shipping, after the order is approved, you just need to order, pack and deliver to the post office. After the order is successfully delivered, the amount paid by the buyer will be transferred to your revenue wallet after deducting the exchange fees.

Regularly update prices and hot book titles to refresh your store. Don’t forget to combine tools to push products, promotions, gifts… on the platform to attract more customers.

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