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Best products to sell on sales channels (updated 2021)

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What is the best product to sell on online channels is a question many people wonder about. The following article will list the industries that are doing well on online channels to answer the above question:

1. Cosmetics business (one of the best products)

best product to sell on online channels - cosmeticsCosmetics is one of the best products for selling on sales channels. It will not be difficult to find genuine stores of cosmetic brands on e-commerce platforms. This is the clearest evidence for a very good cosmetic business on online channels. Even big cosmetic brands such as Innisfree, The body shop,… Even though they have their own sales websites, they still participate in selling on e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Tiki, Lazada,… showing the competitiveness of their products. selling on the platform compared to running your own e-commerce website.

2. Mother and baby products

best product to sell on online channels - mom and baby products

Mother and baby products are also ranked the best products for selling online  because of the great consumers demands. Shopee is the clearest example of how effective it is to sell mother and baby products on online channels. Shopee’s initial customers are mostly mothers who buy baby clothes and gradually expand to other customers. The growth of the customer base of the mother and baby industry is one of the prerequisites for Shopee to develop into the number 1 popular e-commerce channel in Vietnam today.

3. Household goods

best product to sell on online channels - householdEssential household products for every family should be in great demand. In the past, in order to buy essential household products, customers had to go to stores to ask and have little choice of models because the store only imported a limited number of products. Today, customers just sit at home type the name of the product they want to buy and there will be tens of hundreds of products with different models to meet that need.
With this huge demand, it is not difficult to understand why the household goods industry can do well on online channels.

4. Food business

best product to sell on online channels - FoodThe food industry is always a hot commodity whether in online or offline sales. Some of the best-selling food niches on the online channel can be mentioned such as Snacks, dry food, regional specialties, fruits, seafood, baking ingredients…
Foods that are easy to store and transport without fear of spoilage can be sold on e-commerce platforms and inter-provincial sales on social networks. For food items that require high environmental preservation and are easily damaged when transported, such as fruits and seafood, they should only be sold on online channels that allow immediate delivery and should only be sold within the province. to avoid damage to the goods.

5. Electronic accessories

best product to sell on online channels - electronics accessories

It is not difficult to find products such as phone cases, headphones, chargers, backup batteries… on online sales channels. That is also the reason why customers choose to buy online for these products because of the convenience as well as the transparent return policy on e-commerce platforms.

6. Children’s toys

best product to sell on online channels - toys

This is also a best-selling item on online channels. The items of smart toys, which develop intelligence are items that many parents are interested in due to the trend of early intellectual education for children. Toys have always been an important part of children’s daily lives. With the impact of the covid epidemic on life, the fact that students have to stay home from school and limit large gatherings in public places has helped promote the development of children’s toys on online channels.

7. Book business

best product to sell on online channels - books

It is not difficult to see the success of the book business on online channels when the giant in the e-commerce industry, Amazon, has also successfully started selling books online and even in Vietnam, the Tiki e-commerce platform has also developed successfully. from a website that sells books. Gone are the days when you had to go through bookstores one by one to find a favorite book. Now, with just a few clicks, you can own your favorite books without worrying about buying pirated or fake books due to the strict policy on book management on e-commerce platforms.

8. Pet accessories business

best product to sell on online channels - pet accessories

Life is developing more and more, the need to keep pets for entertainment is increasing. For many families, a pet is like a member of the family. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the pet accessories industry has grown so rapidly as it is now. From basic items such as trays to toilets, pet dogs and cats can also buy clothes, bedding, toys, …

9. Handicraft products

best product to sell on online channels - Handicraft

Besides the development of industrial products, handicrafts still have their own place for customers who love novelty, do not like stamping, the mass of industrial products. . Especially handicrafts are very popular in foreign markets. The potential to expand the online business to foreign markets with handicrafts is huge.

10. Business of handmade goods


Like handicraft items, handmade items are also of great interest to many people. E-commerce site is an example that handmade items can sell well on online sales channels. However, currently, the e-commerce market in Vietnam does not have many online stores selling handmade goods. Most shops selling handmade goods in Vietnam often choose sales channels via social networks. This is also a great opportunity for handmade shops to expand their market on e-commerce platforms due to few competitors.

In a time when the online business market is fiercely competitive, you need to be proactive and creative in your business to avoid following the rut. The above are just the products that are selling well on online channels at the moment. You can take a shortcut to catch up with new products that are in line with new trends that are not on the list above. Hopefully, through this article, you have been able to answer the question of what business to sell for yourself.

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