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Connect Omisell to Botlive

Many shops are successfully using livestream as a means of selling on social networking sites (for example, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Since consumers can see the


Create Packing Statement

Packing statement is a statement created for the warehouse team so they can pick up goods according to the list of products or orders easily.


POS Application

POS is an app that helps to manage sales in retail stores. The app also helps to manage revenue and the amount of goods sold


DMS Application

DMS is an application developed by Omisell that makes it easy for sellers to register as distributors of Omisell authorized vendors. DMS helps you get


3 Ways to Add Products to Omisell

1. Add a single product Go to “Inventory”, click “New product” >> “Create product” The system will switch to the product information page as shown


Set-up Cut Off Time

Setting up cut off time means automatic shipment creation. The system will automatically synchronize orders and order processing time according to the seller’s preferences. To


Create Dispatch Statement

A dispatch statement is a freight forwarding statement for warehouses to have documents for control and delivery with the carrier. Create dispatch statement To create


Overview report

Omisell builds an overview page to help you have an overview of your business. So that, Omisell recommends reasonable business strategies for you.In the “Dashboard”


Orders Synchronization

Go to “Orders”, choose “Sync Orders” and select the store you want to sync. You can see the syncing status in 3 upper boxes. Under


How to List/Publish Your Products?

After the product has been added to the stock, you need to publish the product to the store. Go to “Inventory”, select “All products”. In

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