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Shopee and Lazada’s Sales Campaigns

Shopee and Lazada's Sales Campaigns

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What are the benefits of participating in sales programs (Mega campaigns)?


The first benefit when participating in big sales programs Mega Campaign, Mega Sale of e-commerce platforms is the increase in the number of impressions of products being sold to more customers, thereby increasing the ability to sell more products. Besides, depending on each platform, there are different additional support policies for registered sellers:

  • Support pushing products to the homepage of the KM program with the condition that the selling price of the products participating in the KM is as low as possible
  • Products (Shop) are displayed on the top of the search results page
  • Free for merchants participating in the program

Participation in LZD’s programs is free, however, it is required that product prices be reduced, and the platform does not have a subsidy policy.

  • When consumers click on Promotions programs, the number of products displayed increases.
  • Show up at the top of the results for product searches.
  • Encourage people to vote for the store to be at the top of the search results.
  • When the store wants that product to participate in the KM, Shopee will pick the shop’s main product to support the price. (For example, if a product participating in the KM program is discounted by 40k, Shopee will compensate the business with 10k.)
  • For shops participating in the promotion program and committing to revenue + order volume (for example, at least 3.6 times rise in revenue, 2.1 times increase in orders for Gold Package Sellers in the same period), there is a support package.)
  • Showcase products/stores that are relevant to the buyer’s needs (for example, the task of clicking to track the shop gets the km code, adding to the cart will be refunded when buying, …)

Conditions of participation: To be eligible for these programs, Shopee merchants (save for Shopee Mall accounts) must have a consistent number of orders, a decent average monthly income, and a fee paid to Shopee. Shopee Mall accounts will also be serviced by one-on-one customer service.

Is there any risk involved?


In addition to the promise of reaching more customers along with a huge number of orders, sellers on e-commerce platforms when participating in Mega Sale programs also need to prepare carefully to avoid the following risks:

  • When participating in the Mega Sale, it is easy for the shop to obtain the wrong goods to offer in the combo (wrong size small to large size, or mistaken for identical products with higher costs), resulting in revenue loss.
  • Wrong promotional value calculation: If a seller does not calculate carefully when participating in Mega Sale programs, the products in the program will not be updated or sold during the promotion period. As a result, when registering to participate in the sales programs, the seller should carefully analyze the selling price and any related promotions to avoid any misinterpretation that could result in unintended consequences.
  • Overloaded when processing orders: when participating in Mega Campaign, of course, the shop will generate orders more than usual. If there is no careful preparation of personnel and inventory for sale, it is easy to lead to the situation of not processing all, losing orders due to failure to prepare in time.
  • The shop is fined on the platform: This is the consequence of being overloaded with order processing, the shop does not deliver the goods on time on the platform, leading to the order being canceled automatically by the system. If the number of orders is canceled a lot, leading to the shop being penalized by the platform.
  • Late delivery to the carrier: The carrier only receives orders from the warehouse between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. If the order processing delay prevents the order from being sent to the carrier on time, the order may be canceled on the platform if the seller fails to deliver the items. As a result, you should choose the suitable delivery option (pick up products at home / deliver at the post office) based on its processing circumstances and speed.


All you need to know before participating


Prepare the shop to be eligible to participate in the Mega campaigns. Depending on each platform, there are conditions of the shop to participate separately:

Shopee’s sales program: depending on whatever phase Shopee intends to push to sell any goods to all sellers and appear in the Marketing Channel, Shopee’s sales program will vary. However, there is a lack of clarity on the terms and conditions for participating in Shopee’s initiatives. According to previous experience, Shopee will prioritize participating in the KM program for businesses with Favorite Shop Plus and Favorite Shop tags that have high traffic and income, actual statistics, and positive customer feedback. The consumer will be automatically called to join in the program via the Shopee Mall tag, with an offer for the brand of a single push package and commitment.

Lazada sales program: non-Mall sellers will also be easier to participate in the platform’s programs because the platform allows all sellers on the platform to participate. When there is a program and sellers register to participate, they will be able to join a Zalo group for ways to push applications. Lazada’s customer service will send to the group tips on what to avoid and what to do to push orders in the promotion.

Building an optimal order processing operation process to ensure timely processing of large orders while participating in the sales program.

Determine the type of sales campaign you want to participate in and register early: Depending on each Mega Sale, there will be key product categories. Depending on your industry, you should choose to participate in appropriate sales programs. For example: If you sell toy products, you should participate in mother and baby campaigns or on Children’s Day 1.6,…

Fully prepare combos, promotions, prices, etc., and make combos, promotional prices, set reasonable prices and ensure enough inventory for products participating in Mega Campaign.

=> Track orders and deliver on time to carriers.

=> Check the progress of order processing continuously to handle promptly if errors occur.

Solution for sellers when participating in Mega Sale 


Boxme is a company that specializes in order fulfillment. The firm offers a warehouse and order processing package so that sellers don’t have to worry about dealing with a high volume of orders when participating in platform sales programs. Boxme guarantees that the order will be completed on time and that the quality and quantity of items will be as specified in the order. This model is ideal for companies that have a lot of sales orders and need to streamline their warehouse operations and order processing.


Omisell has many features to support sellers on the platform to participate in Mega Sale programs such as:

  • Automatically synchronize orders through Omisell -> Set a time to pull orders, turn on order synchronization, automatically create bills of lading

If customers combine Boxme warehouse with Omisell: Order to Omisell -> automatically push the order to the carrier.

External storage: The bill of lading will be created for the carrier automatically; the client will just need to pack the product and develop an additional packing list to paste on the box, as well as a  dispatch list to give over to the carrier.

  • Premium inventory management features only available in Omisell

The system will make statistics and warn when a product is almost out of stock to promptly replenish.

Additional inventory: Sellers can add additional inventory to continue selling on the platform when there is no actual inventory for goods that are close to running out of stock but cannot be restocked in time. When the real inventory runs out, the system will immediately sync the extra inventory to the platform to minimize order decrease due to out of stock.

Manage and create combos/promotions easily

When participating in Mega Sale programs, Omisell allows users to synchronize product combinations from the shop on the platform to Omisell for processing.

Sellers just need to pre-install Combos/Promotions on Omisell and don’t need to do anything on the platform. The Shop simply needs to update the status to active while engaging in sales promotions on the floor.

We can help merchants on e-commerce platforms with the two options listed above. Hopefully, this post has shown you how to take advantage of e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada’s promotional campaigns (Mega campaign, Mega sale).

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