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5 Benefits of Omnichannel retailing


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What is Omni-channel? Just like multi-channel selling, omnichannel purpose is to reach your customers by offering your products on many different sales channels (Shopee, Lazada,…). They may seem similar but both of them have different qualities. Omnichannel tends to focus on shopping experiences, making them seamless and easier for customers unlike multichannel. 

1. Customer experience

Obviously, the customer would be more pleased with their shopping experience with omnichannel. Since omnichannel offers a seamless experience, this makes it far easier for consumers to shop throughout the entire process. It also allows targeted ads and improved customer service to be offered. Improving the shopping experience and customer service would improve your overall satisfaction with your customers.

2. Consistency

Using an omnichannel approach enables organizations across all of their distribution channels to deliver a clear, coherent shopping experience. Since omnichannel relies on a single, central database for all details, retailers can also offer better customer service. This database offers consistent promotions across all platforms for consumers.

3. Customer Loyalty


Omnichannel clients not only spend more, they’re more loyal to your brand as well. They are more likely to recommend your brand to friends and family than those who used only one channel or platform. You may not need to promote discount coupons, mid-sales campaigns and other conventional marketing tricks. Focus on client satisfaction and your brand will survive. 

4. Collecting customers data


Your business will be able to track its customers through all the platforms it uses and better understand them, hence recognizing what their general preferences  are: the product they have looked at, what deals or promotions they have clicked on, etc. This allows interactions and promotions made with each client to be more personal and that will make them feel unique. They’re going to feel that you’re not only treating them like everyone else, but that you know and care about them.

5. Inventory management

According to the report, the leading cause indicates that overstocks are due to insufficient preparation and purchasing problems, which can eventually be blamed on inadequate data collection and prediction. These problems are compounded by businesses that do not exchange information between channels and lose out on substantial performance and sales information. As such, it requires visibility at the omnichannel inventory level. A retailer needs to be able to see sales information across all channels that their stores are operating to make sales predictions and prevent overstocking products.

6. Final words

Omnichannel retailing is becoming the future of ecommerce. It provides a seamless experience for customers and retains them as well, which is really beneficial for your business since it can lead to a boost in sales and exposure. Not only omnichannel can also provide you with consistency across all sales channels (promotions, combos,…), but also it can help manage your inventory across platforms. With this, you can collect customers data, hence you can personalize your promotions to each customer to make them feel special. 

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