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Building a successful vending channel on Shopee


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Is it too late to start building a successful vending channel on Shopee?

Shopee is an e-commerce trading platform based in Singapore, part of the SEA group, founded in 2009 by Forrest Li. Shopee entered the Vietnamese market at the end of 2016 and is now present in 7 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Shopee is the e-commerce platform with the highest monthly visits (more than 62 million according to So selling on Shopee, you will have the ability to reach many customers, expand your sales type.

It won’t be too late to start your store on Shopee today. With the trend of e-commerce gradually replacing traditional commerce, having at least one online store to accommodate a large number of customers will be really necessary to expand your business.


You can set up a free store on Shopee with just a few simple clicks. However, how does your channel business effectively and bring good revenue? The article will help synthesize suggestions to help you build a successful vending channel on Shopee.

What to prepare when starting Shopee sales channel?

Before you join any sales channel, you should take a little time to prepare the sales to run more easily and consistently. For Shopee, you should prepare the following:

  • Contact information: Phone number, email address, pickup address. Please make sure the above information is correct.
  • Products: Selecting a few specific categories that are your strength of course must be the one that is allowed to be sold on Shopee. You can also choose the products that are hot trends.
  • Product images: More than 90% of customers will click on products with eye-catching photos at first sight. Image investment is always a smart choice, but remember to add watermarks to make sure your product images are exclusive. 
  • Expected selling price: For a market where everyone can sell goods like Shopee, the selling price is also very important. You should find out the price of the same product on Shopee before selling your product. 
  • Description and hashtag: Describing the product fully, easy to understand, professionally and providing full information will help customers trust and come to the decision to order immediately without having to consult too much. Related hashtags also yield better search performance.

Set up Shopee vending channels

Start setting up your Shopee sales funnel now!

1. Sign up for an account

Signing up for a Shopee account is very simple. You can sync with your Facebook or Google account. However, you should not log into Shopee through Facebook,this is for if there is any problem with your Facebook account, your Shopee account will not be able to login.


2. Store setup

To set up a shop and start selling on Shopee, the most important step is to update all information about the shop. This is what customers see and know about your shop, also a step for customers to decide whether to buy or not.

3. Create products

Product description is one of the parts that help buyers decide whether to buy from you or not. Please fill in sales information such as price, classification, number of products in stock … Add a photo or video taking a detailed product.

Create a good experience for the buyer

Make sure that your Shopee vending channel is always revolving around your customers because they are the ones making you profit. Improving product images, optimizing search engines, improving service quality (consulting, after-sales support …) are the best ways to improve buyer experience.

1. Optimize product portfolio

Divide categories in a scientific and easy-to-understand way will help buyers easily choose and refer to your products, creating a pleasant feeling when shopping online. 

Smart keyword research: Publishing a list of non-keyword-optimized products can have a big impact on your search visibility and product visibility. 

Formula name: Not only need professionalism, but also need to ensure that all the necessary information that customers want to know is in the product title.


2. Promotions

  • Additional Deals: The additional offer is great for using your bestsellers to increase visibility for the rest of your products. 
  • Package Offer: This is another great way to encourage buyers to buy more of your product through a discount. 
  • Sale promotion: You can create your own discount code for each product in the store. However, use them sparingly and seasonally.


  • Free shipping: The Vietnamese buying habit is to always give priority to products that are free of charge. You can raise the price to compensate for the shipping fee.

3. Customer service

Keep the attitude of talking with guests warmly, friendly and responsible. Continuously have quick and reasonable discounts, care, and customer inquiries programs. 

On-time delivery to the carrier makes customers feel satisfied when buying. And on time delivery to avoid “High Delay Delivery Rate” leading to customers to cancel your application. 

New customers have the habit of reading product reviews, so provide the best products and pack them thoroughly to receive 5 star reviews and good reviews. Your response to comments also creates sympathy for new buyers. 

Above are some experiences to help you build a successful automatic Shopee sales channel. Hope this article can be of help to you.


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