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4 Ways To Prevent Customer Complaints

customer complaints

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First of all, having customer complaints is time-consuming to deal with but it’s not all bad, your business can grow from it since most of the complaints can point out “holes” in your business and you can resolve it to make a better experience for your future customers, refer to this blog if you are already having a substantial amount of complaints. However, it’s also critical to reduce the number of complaints you get so you can devote more time to the bigger issues that will help you develop. If you are starting a business and want to prevent customer complaints, Omisell can provide tips on how to prevent and solve them.

1. Fulfillment issues

customer complaints

This is one of the few reasons but the most important to start managing. When the customer doesn’t get their order on time, they can get frustrated and will leave a complaint which will also affect prospective customers when considering buying from your business. 

To prevent this from happening, you need to install a tracking system on your order for your customers, also add an approximate time of arrival for your order and if the order is delayed, you can send a message to your customers but make sure the delayed time is short (1-2 days).

To solve this, you should provide the customers substantial information on why it is delayed, communicate clearly with your customers, this will make the customer understand the current situation.


2. Set expectations accurately

You will remove the vast majority of consumer complaints if you can tell your customers exactly what to expect from you and then follow through with those commitments. Nobody would be able to blame your company if you maintain strict quality control of your products and services.

You have to deliver exactly what you advertised, so choose a photo that accurately depicts what you are selling to the customers.

3. Inventory issues

customer complaints

If you are selling to multiple different platforms (Shopee, Lazada,…), you might know that inventory management is an important factor to prevent customer complaints. Multi-channel sales can lead to overselling which will leave bad reviews about your store. Omisell can help you sync all your inventory of your store across every sales channel which can prevent overselling. But if you want to do it manually, you should overstock customers’ favorites. It’s also a smart idea to stock more of a new product release that you know consumers are excited about. 

4. Educate your customers about your products

Help the consumer understand how to use the product, not just sell it. Customers sometimes complained about what they did because they were unsure about what to do or how to do it. Take notice of common problems and incorporate preventative measures in your product literature or guidance.

Final words

Customer complaints can really help your business be aware of different “holes” in your service that you need to fix as soon as possible to avoid affecting prospective customers. But if you are experiencing a huge amount of complaints and want to reduce them, hopefully, Omisell has provided you with useful ways to fix your problems.

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