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Shopee Tips & Tricks – How To Boost Sales In Shopee (Updated 2020)

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The Southeast Asian marketplace is firing on all its cylinders and this is the right time to invest robustly into the market. With e-commerce gripping its top-notch place in Southeast Asia, Shopee is also burgeoning on its success.

However, do the retailers understand Shopee tips and tricks to boost maximum sales in Shopee?

In this article, Omisell will provide readers with the 2020 updated version of Shopee tips and tricks to enhance sales in this e-commerce marketplaces. 

1.Optimise subjective factors from yourself

  •     Branding strategy 

For first-time and newbie retailers, the advice for them is to offer a  more affordable and cheaper price tag initially with the purpose of luring 5-star reviews and positive feedback from the customers. It is recommended to gradually build up the brand’s proposition, trustworthiness, and reputation.

The branding phase is always very difficult and takes time. But once you have your own brand, your sales will increase accordingly.

  • Precise, clear, and attractive picture

The competitive advantage of traditional stores over online stores is that customers are able to touch and feel the actual products before purchasing. Therefore, if you want to sell goods on Shopee effectively, the photos you take must be of good quality.


Images should be clear, as realistic as possible. The great picture is the warmest welcome customers. Thus, retailers are always sure of posting the best pictures.

  • Detailed and captivating product description

Besides the appearance of the products, customers pay a lot of attention to the product’s details and description. However, business owners may disregard this section when uploading on the Shopee platform

Shopee tips and tricks here are to encourage retailers to take time to include product descriptions in the most engaging, comprehensive way possible. The description should include information such as materials, origin, brand, color, size, price tag,…

  • Hashtag

There are a lot of retailers who overlook this, which is a big mistake. Because it will help customers when Search keywords on Shopee will show up your product. 

Hashtags should be close to the exact keyword of the product you want to sell. So the chances of your product appearing to the top when customers search will also be much higher.

  • Reasonable price tag 

It is quite noticeable that various retailers on Shopee platform have the same products. Unless your products have the exclusive criteria, the affordable and lower price will set you apart from other competitors.

The customers’ first and foremost concern and attention when browsing around is the difference in price. Understand the customer behaviour of price-oriented, Shopee tips, and tricks are to reduce the price be equal to or lower than others.

  • Top trending product

Pushing products can help enterprises reach more customers. Nonetheless, business owners also have to measure and outweigh the effectiveness of each push. If you push products and the number of orders still does not increase, you should review the factors above. Ask yourself why customers still don’t click on your product even though it’s on TOP?

  • Provide excellent customer service 

Shopee tips and tricks for retailers are constantly delivering superb customer service which includes answering buyer’s questions, request enthusiastically and responsibly, support for shipping, running promotional events. When customers have questions, they must be solved quickly and reasonably.


On the other hand, businesses with bad customer service, as a consequence, will be removed additional, promoting features and prioritiesAdditionally, in the long run, will have a negative effect on the revenue.

  • Stimulate demand with attractive promotions

Business owners are encouraged to run promotional campaigns to raise up customer’s demand such as Buy 3 get 15% off, enter coupon for freeship,…


  • Customer feedback rate 

Shopee tips and tricks are “never let the customers wait” because the longer they wait, the more likely that they will look for alternatives.

  • Product’s weights

Set the correct weight for your product. This will avoid the case of customers having to pay too high a Ship fee when you set a larger weight than the actual. Help lower the total number of orders from customers, so their chances of buying your product will be higher.

  • Effective SEO in Shopee

SEO means that you optimize your product so that when customers search for relevant keywords on Shopee, your product will be displayed in the first results. For SEO on Shopee you can see the image below.


  • Shop and Product’s interaction

A shop’s level of interaction is the key for enterprises to reach a wider range of customers. So, in order to enhance the interaction, retailers can participate in programs from Shopee listed: Follow shop,…

  • Shop decoration feature

Shopee tips and tricks on how to boost sales have emphasized the importance of the shop’s visual in captivating customers.


Shopee also provides a decorating feature within the platform in which business owners can add in banners, videos, description, brand’s introduction, address, phone number,… Accordingly, customers feel more secure about your shop’s credibility.

  • On-time delivery for the carrier

Retailers should take notice of the delivery date of each package, always make sure to deliver on time to third party logistics and carrier to avoid “High Delay Delivery Rate”

  • Positive feedbacks

One of the customer’s habits while shopping is to browse through the previous customer’s reviews prior to making any decisions.


Quality products, good packaging, enthusiastic customer service will strengthen the possibility for your shop to receive a 5-star rating or leave feedback.

  • Multi-channel promotion 

 In the era of 4.0 technology and digitalization, the open world of online platforms has encouraged businesses to further extend brand coverage across various online bases. It is crucial for enterprises to promote their brand image, products not only in Shopee e-commerce marketplaces but also on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo,…

  • Cheap Champion Logo

There are some regulations that retailers should make a note of to be tagged “ Cheap Champion” by Shopee.

  • Shop products are committed to more competitive prices than other e-commerce floors.
  • Best-selling products.
  •  The product has received many high reviews from the Buyer.
  •  Shop has good reviews, has a low cancellation rate and late delivery rate.

2. Shopee tips and tricks – additional assistant feature

  • Keyword bidding 

With the Shopee tips and tricks of price around 100-200VNC/ click, retailers can easily push their products to top search and make these products stand out from others. 

  • Brand exclusive coupon codes

Besides seasonal shopping events and Shopee occasional sales events, on the daily basis, business owners can create brand’s exclusive coupon codes which stimulate the number of customers and orders

  • Preferential shipping

Enterprises can join Shopee to support Buyers’ shipping costs, help attract Buyers & create a ‘No worries’ shopping experience.

  • Shopee’s program

Participating in the Shopee program will help you promote the Shop, reach more customers, and increase interaction for the shop.

3. To sum up

Thanks to the dominant position of Shopee in the Southeast Asia region in general and in Vietnam specifically, entering Shopee platform providing a promising future of revenue and customers for any retailers. However, to be able to compete among the intense e-commerce game, business owners should understand the assistant features in building stalls in Shopee and most importantly all the Shopee tips and tricks to boost sales to the maximum. 

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