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Shopee Keyword Tools – How To Get To Shopee Top Keyword Ranking

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It is obvious that any retailers in Shopee e-commerce marketplaces acknowledge the importance of website traffic, organic search. There are two available methods for retailers to enhance these two features 

The first method involves the amount of positive, 5 stars reviews, good feedback including pictures, videos, and a higher percentage of return customers.

The second method, the one we will dig into further today, is to optimize shopee keyword tools. Professional salespeople optimize your title tag continuously (monthly / quarterly or even weekly). Now Omisell will introduce ways to optimize shopee keyword tools effectively 

1. Product title correlation with product category 

Some product line boundaries but for the same product are ambiguous. If you pay more attention to it, product titles are sometimes not very relevant to the product category. For example, a retailer with the introduction tag for selling Measure the height of the magnet to play music, this product could be categorized as mother and kids section or even bedroom decoration

Various retailers do not take the product title into consideration, yet not recognizing the signs. With the appropriate keywords, users find it easier to navigate the wanted products by using the Shopee keyword tools

2. Second level keywords 

The definition of HOT keywords is the popular one with a high click-through rate and visited multiple times by users. Consequently, retailers have a tendency to utilise the HOT keyword. Nevertheless, there are some particular circumstances in which business owners should avoid using HOT keywords.

It sounds ridiculous but in fact, it is very reasonable when compared to the top shopee products. The hot keywords are met with a lot of stars from best-selling rival shops. Their products are nothing outstanding compared to them. Search will make an impression, but the CTR will also below, and the products will become harder and harder to find in search.

For example, the Search volume for the keyword “Dining chair” in the mother’s industry is 3000, 5000, then on the home page, there are products sorted by sales. There are products with sales from 5,000 to 10,000, beautiful product images, cheaper price than my shop (300 sales).

Therefore, the most popular keywords are not yet the best keywords to use. It is advisable to pay attention to the degree of relevant competitors, as well as product quality.

3. Add in HOT shopee keyword tools in the product title

It is such commonplace in Shopee to have various retailers selling the same product in the same category.

shopee keyword

Surely you and your competitors are sharing SEO keywords that are very natural. Anyone who sells an iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same keyword as iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, if you want to get more traffic than your competitors, then you need to add other hot keywords in a “reasonable” way.

Modifications of product names are critical, for instance, with the shopee keyword tools iPhone 11 Pro Max, names can vary from International model iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019, FPT insurance iPhone 11 Pro max,… 

As a result, you will have to do is list out all the hot keywords and the recent search rankings of those keywords, and then divide it among the products of your entire Shop

4. Instructions on using spaces 

A lot of people have passed words saying that typing the title without spaces with the purpose of saving space and writing more words. Contradictory, in some cases, this method is not proven to bring back any benefit. 

But there are cases where instant writing sometimes helps you get a better display. For example, with keywords that customers search for with instant keywords, it makes sense.

For example: When you search for more people type iphone11 or iPhone 11 more you can consider the relevance of your product and that of your competitors to make a decision.

5. Copy the title of the competitor with the leading product

This is a sensitive topic to talk about. In order to do so, business owners have to follow critical rules such as all the product descriptions, services, videos, and pictures are identical. Furthermore, retailers have to lower the price with the aim of achieving customer’s attention over other competitors. 

Though this method is not highly recommended to follow as the risk of reverse advertising effect this might bring. 

6. Study the title in relation to the key indicators

Key indicators that are vital for retailers to understand and control are CTR, Conversion rate, Bounce rate, Comprehenship score 

For example:

  •  1 product A can be searched with 2 keywords Sanitary and Baby Potty.
  • With the keyword sanitary wares, the product is on top 3
  • As for keywords for children, page 3

Based on this example, the ranking of Shopee keyword tools depends on certain criteria.  

7. Do not include unrelated words in the product title 

According to Shopee’s selling rule, retailers are allowed to write up to 120 words in the title. Many enterprises choose to take up complete 120 words in just one title which leads to the excessive unrelated and repeated words. 

In the title some products are unusable but you still try to include them to increase search traffic. This is not good, if you see good with 30-40 words then maybe ok with that title, you don’t have to add irrelevant keywords.

9. To sum up 

Shopee – being the predominant e-commerce marketplace in both Vietnam and Southeast Asia region, which leads to intense competition among retailers within the platform. 

There are various articles relating to Shopee’s instruction to increase sales. One of the most omissive criteria for a leading product in Shopee is the optimization of product title – Shopee keyword tools. This is the key tool buyers use to search for products and brands, accordingly, any retailers should acknowledge the importance as well as the strategy to optimize the Shopee keyword tools of their products. 

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