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5 Ways Customer Complaints Are Beneficial For Your Business

customer complaints

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Customer complaints can be really beneficial for your business or it can sabotage your business. You can use them to improve your business as a whole since customer complaints tend to be honest. Customer complaints are really a valuable piece of information to get from your customers so don’t be afraid to receive them. Anything that is too much, is not good. Having too many complaints can really derail your business. In this article, Omisell will show you how you can use complaints to your advantage and how to reduce the amount of complaints on your business.

Most common complaints

customer complaints

Relating to E-commerce, you should expect complaints about shipping, fulfillment, and inaccurate products. We will show you how to deal with them.

1. Shipping 

You should provide your customers with a tracking number of the package so the customers can track the package on their own and don’t need to contact you if unnecessary. You will have more time to focus on other improvements. You should also provide them with an approximate time according to each carrier in which they can expect their package to arrive. Make sure you contact the customers if their package is delayed. 

If the package takes longer than usual, be ready to get questions and provide them with updates. If the package is lost, be sure to come up with the backup plan (offer refund) for this kind of scenario.  

2. Inaccurate products

Did you ever buy something online and when you received it, it was not as you expected? To resolve this, you should put clear photos (careful with the lighting, could change color of the product). Make sure that your product description is accurate as well (product dimension, weight,…). 

Customer complaints are reality-check

customer complaints

51% of customers said that they would not buy from a business again after a negative experience. It is crucial to focus on customer complaints. It acts like a reality-check for businesses, so they can plan strategies and campaigns that can be an improvement to the businesses.

With customer complaints, you don’t need to build a survey anymore since you can gain customer insight for free with just getting reviews.

Customer communication

Customer feedback and complaints can be a form of communication between your business and customers. It is shown that customers tend to leave when they feel they are not cared for. So, it is important to take their feedback or even complaints into account. If you are consistent with this, your customers will feel appreciated and most likely will stay loyal to your business. 

Online reputation

customer complaints

According to statistics, visitors tend to look at the reviews before deciding to buy your products. Manage your reputation online is not about removing bad reviews but to be active and consistent. This will certainly reduce the amount of customer complaints and hence you don’t need to remove them if there are little to no customer complaints. 

Tips: Never take customer complaints personally 


Assume that all the points above have been applied to your business, this means that your customers are somewhat satisfied. Hence, satisfied customers are more likely to refer to their friends and families about your business. If you handle their complaints respectfully and effectively, even if they are not satisfied with your product initially, they will leave with a positive impression about your business. This could increase visitors to your business and hence, more revenues.

Final Thoughts

Even though it might not seem obvious, customer complaints are a blessing in disguise. You will be able to use them to your benefit with the correct approach and take your company to a new stage.


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