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7 ways for branding with limited resources


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For new businesses, limited resources make marketing products difficult. In fact, there are many ways to grow your brand on a budget. This article will show you not only how to build your brand, but also how to implement effective, simple strategies to increase brand awareness and promote your products.

Identify target audience

Who is your target audience?

To start building a brand, you need to visualize a portrait of your target audience: goals, habits, and demographics so you can market more effectively.

For example, if your target customer is a young single mom with a full-time job and an apartment or a small home, you will approach content differently than when you targeted a middle-aged man with children that is in college. You have to think like your customers if you want your product to appeal to them.

Develop a logo

You can draw and develop your own logo if you have graphic designer skills. Else, you can search for websites that offer different templates that you can use to build your logo. But remember, a logo is what your customer will see first, so if you are not confident in your logo, consider working with a graphic designer to do it for you, this is actually quite affordable.

When you have a logo that you are confident with, remember to trademark it to make it your own. 

Develop a brand voice


The voice of the brand is what first hits buyers, making it unforgettable and identifiable. In your branding, convey cohesive, relevant information. Express abstract concepts in easy-to-understand ways so that each piece of data feels easy to understand and real to your customers.

Branding on the suitable social media platform

Social media is considered a new type of blog that brings many positive impacts on business. According to YouGov, the average Vietnamese spends 4 hours and 30 minutes a day on social media platforms, making information spread like wildfire.

Building a professional and eye-catching sales channel on social networking platforms is extremely important.

Start by choosing the best social media platforms for your business. Then, start building your brand on those platforms.

Start writing blogs

Content marketing serves as a cornerstone of the these process. Blogging is about showing the world who you are and why you are in this business.

If you don’t have a blog yet, start writing now.


Make sure your blog is regularly updated by sharing news about your business or sharing less popular tips with your readers.

Customer service

Customer service is important in every industry. A brand needs to show customers what they will receive when buying or using a service. Show that you are ready to answer questions, resolve complaints, and share your knowledge with them.

Partner with major brands

The opportunity to partner with a stronger business strengthens your business standing. That’s why companies often post customers’ names or logos on their websites, which is a form of social proof. Look for opportunities to partner with businesses that are larger than you in size and more on customers.


Final Thoughts

Above are 6 steps to help you set the stage for brand development. However, a specific brand awareness strategy is needed to help you grow faster and manage your brand more easily.


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