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What You Need to Know About Shopee Flash Sales

What You Need to Know About Shopee Flash Sales

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Do you use Shopee to sell your products? Do you want to join the Shopee Flash Sales program to boost your shop’s sales? Here’s everything you need to know about Flash Sales Shopee, which makes it simple to boost your store’s sales!

1. What is Shopee Flash Sales Program?

Shopee’s Flash Sale is a way for sellers to promote their products to customers at low prices. Every day, Shopee runs a special program with a variety of products running in various time frames, depending on the program. As a result, registering for Flash Sale provides Sellers with the following benefits:

  1. Due to a large number of customers at the right time of the Flash Sale, there was an opportunity to gain access to potential traffic.
  2. Increase conversion rates and even sell out of popular items.
  3. Attract visitors to your inventory, allowing for the promotion of other products.

On Shopee, sellers can create their own Flash Sale program and promote it for a set period of time.


– With each product, you cannot register for 2 days in a row.

– If you are running ads on Shopee in parallel, you need to leave the number of registered products to avoid Shopee reporting “out of stock” and ads not running.

Conditions to participate in Shopee Flash Sales 

  • Products with a large quantity of inventory (>100) must maintain quality.
  • The price is reasonable in comparison to the market (neither too high nor too low), and the lowest price is usually available within 7 days of return.
  • The seller has a solid reputation. This means that your Shop must consistently and constantly have a high number of successful payment orders. At the same time, the number of slow delivery orders is low, and the Shopee system has not issued any violation warnings.
  • Orders that are successful must be real orders with real numbers.
  • There will be two ways to participate in the Flash Sale Shopee program:
  • Choose the appropriate category and follow the instructions to register for Flash Sale Shopee.
  • Shopee will automatically contact you to ask for a deal if your Shop has good sales.

Instructions on how to register for sales on Shopee

How to register for sale on is very simple. You will follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to “Seller Channel” -> “Marketing Channel” -> “Shopee Program”

Step 2: Select the open “Flash sale registration” program in the category you are selling.

Step 3: Select “Add product” to nominate to participate

Step 4: Finally, you just need to wait for approval from Shopee.

Step 5: Your job now is to prepare the product before Flash Sale airs to prepare packaging and delivery to customers.

In just a few simple steps, you have registered to register for discount sales on Shopee.

Flash Sales Program

Flash Sale is a new feature that enables merchants to choose products for a limited-time Flash Sale and display them on their store page. You do not need to specify the product to check for Shopee Flash Sale. When you need it, you can create a Flash Sale in your Shop. Simply choose your time frame, product, and promotion details, and double-check that they all meet the product’s requirements.

Make your own Flash Sale program for your store and put it on display. This is also one of the ways to sign up for Shopee’s discount sales.

  • Choose the product on which you’d like to run the Flash Sale program.
  • Set the customer’s date, time, and discount amount.

Flash Sales will be prominently displayed on your store’s homepage.

This new feature is currently being tested and is only available to Shops that Shopee has chosen and designated.

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