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Tips and strategies for multi channel sales in South East Asia

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Southeast Asian eCommerce revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 12.8%, resulting in a forecast market volume of US$100,029 million by 2025. It’s time to integrate your online store into SEA’s top marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada,… to raise your multi channel sales and gain more product exposure.

Selling on multi channel will get your products to more audiences and hence more prospective customers. This will make your visitors see your products on several marketplaces, making them more likely to buy your products. Integrating your store to marketplaces is easy, promoting them or getting visitors to click into your products rather than clicking on your competitors is a difficult step.

Let’s go through a few quick tips to promote and get your products in front of your customers.

1. Choosing a marketplace for multi channel

multi channel

Every marketplace has different services that will be offered to you. It is also important to choose a marketplace that is appropriate for your business. 

For example, if you are not in a position to perform fulfillment yourself, you should prefer a marketplace where it supports fulfillment (Lazada, Shopee). This is because if your customer buys from an eCommerce website and then gets a response from you that it’s out of stock, you’re going to lose your customers and reputation this way. If you are confident that you can operate fulfillment yourself,  then keep a close eye on your inventory to prevent this from happening.

In this case, Omisell can help you manage your inventory across many channels. Omisell links to all your markets as soon as an item is sold, it instantly updates the inventory of your products to other markets in order to prevent overselling.

2.  Adjust your cost

multi channel

You need to adjust your cost according to the marketplace that you want to list. Each marketplace has a different additional fee when listing a product. But you will need to take into account the price of your competitors. If you’re new to selling on a marketplace, you’d need to lower your commodity price to be lower than your ideal price, because you need to develop your brand rather than make a profit at this early stage.

3. Make your products stand out

There will certainly be competitions when selling on multi channel. You’ll need to make an effort on your product’s visual and content. For content, you may want to go for a descriptive alternative, or even a bit quirky and funny will work, depending on what you’re selling and how you want to approach your customers.

multi channel

Visuals are important to persuade your visitors to purchase your goods. You need to take note of the images you’re using, try to make them exciting and true to what you’re offering. This will make your visitors invested in your products, which will increase your conversion rate.

4. SEM and SEO campaigns

multi channel

The majority of the marketplace search algorithms use the search term entered by visitors and match them with the Title, Item Description, and Tags, and thus suggest results. So selecting keywords is an important factor in boosting your multi channel sales.

  • The keyword search result that matches the word-to-word search result of the user and is given a high priority.
  • After that, aim to find keywords that are similar or synonyms to the user’s search phrase.

There are, of course, other factors involved in this process. Like the product reviews or the conversion rate. 

5. Customer experience and service

multi channel

You can’t control your customer experience on external marketplaces. But you can help them with the rest, for example, you can guide them to make a return or add an item into the cart on Shopee or Lazada. Providing high-quality customer service can keep them invested in your products.

Final words

In conclusion, before you integrate into the marketplace, you need to consider additional fees, competition. This allows you to tailor your price accordingly to the markets where you want your products to be listed. After you’ve decided on your ideal price, make your product visuals and content descriptive, fun, or quirky depending on what you’re selling. This will improve the conversion rate, which will help with SEM and SEO campaigns. Lastly, customer service is definitely the backbone of every business, it will help with: revenue, customer retention, making the customers feel respected or valued,…

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