How to start a phone accessories business on e-commerce platforms and avoid risks?


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If you are a lover of the phone accessories business, you should not ignore this article. Maybe below will have useful information to help you earn more profits.

Basic steps to start selling phone accessories on e-commerce platforms

To avoid risks for those who are just starting out in the phone accessories business, you should choose dropshipping on e-commerce platforms. If you want to avoid being dependent, you can import goods to sell.

Find suppliers

To have goods to sell, of course, we have to find suppliers. On the market, there are many suppliers with a variety of different products, so you should research carefully to find good products to serve consumers.

Besides, you can refer to some popular phone accessory brands such as Anker, Aukey, Xiaomi, …

Optimizing your stores and products

About how to optimize stalls and products, each person will have different thoughts.

Optimization is very important, this will determine the position of your product when there are searches through keywords related to the product. The higher the position, the more customers choose to view and close orders.

Besides, you can apply some strategies to sell more accessories, you should calculate and consider creating promotions to stimulate purchases.


This is also one of the most popular marketing strategies. You need to find the right keywords that users often use to find what they are looking for. If you catch the right keywords, your product will probably always be at the top of the page.

Advertising is also a way for you to have the first orders, the first reviews for the shop. The recommended advertising amount for beginners is from 1 million VND to 3 million VND. As for those who have experience, it is possible to increase the advertising budget.

Sales support software

In addition to using advertising strategies to get the first orders and also to develop the booth, make more profits, readers can also refer to the sales software Omisell.

Omisell is a multi-channel sales support software with a lot of useful features. Typical among them can be mentioned Boost Shopee application, which helps push products to the top of the page without spending advertising costs.

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Improve sales and reduce operating costs

Omisell’s mission is to provide a simple and seamless experience for online sellers. We offer services and solutions that assist sellers in managing orders across all offline and online sales channels. Analyzing sales strategies and automating order fulfillment become significantly easier, backed by Omisell’s system and data.

Omisell is currently partners with more than 1,000 retailers, processing more than 20,000 orders with over 300,000 products every day with Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc. We operate in 5 SEA countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

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