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Become a Top Seller on Lazada: Tips and Tricks

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Lazada is a sales channel that attracts a lot of participation from online sellers due to the huge amount of potential customers. Therefore, the level of competition when selling on Lazada is increasingly fierce, making it more difficult to become a top seller than before. However, it is not impossible to sell and become a top seller on Lazada if you apply the tips from our experts below:

Basic principles to increase sales on Lazada

1/ Competitor research: Conducting research and analysis with keywords that are frequently used by competitors in the product description. You will know how to adjust the title and description to suit the search trend of users on Lazada. In addition, the research also helps you observe how competitors use illustrations and ads for products. If your product image is not as attractive as your competitors, invest time and money to have a set of product photos that are more attractive than theirs, which increases the customer conversion rate. If you want to become a professional seller on Lazada, competitor research and image investment are very important for customers to trust and choose your products.


2/ Outstanding customer service: This is one of the most essential skills if you want to sell well on online channels. Customer care is the backbone of running a successful e-commerce store. You must always respond to customers’ messages, comments, and questions as soon as possible before they lose patience and purchase from other stores. Prepare answers to familiar questions beforehand in order to respond quickly to customers and regularly check customer messages and notifications to enhance their shopping experience with your online shop. In addition, setting up greetings, thanks, and automated replies in Lazada’s chatbox is also a way to retain customers in the meantime for you to respond.

3/ Discounts, promotions when launching products: After opening the store on Lazada, please discount the product in the beginning. Discounts will drive store traffic, helping you reach more potential customers, even if you’re just starting. In addition, the discount when launching products contributes to collecting feedback and reviews for new online shops on Lazada. Purchases, feedbacks, and reviews will create a trust for other customers in the long run, even when you end the promotion. Building trust with customers plays a core role when selling on Lazada.

4/ Constant inventory update: This helps you not to suddenly out of stock on Lazada and avoid the difference between the actual inventory and inventory on the sales channel. You will lose customers, leaving open opportunities for competitors to reach them. Additionally, Lazada has penalties if you don’t deliver the customers’ orders successfully. Therefore, always update the inventory regularly to prevent the above cases.


5/ Multi-channel marketing: You should use multiple channels to reach buyers instead of waiting for customers to find your Lazada store. You can write content and advertise Lazada store in many ways and through the following media channels:

  • Paid advertising Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. You can combine closing sales on a private sales channel (Facebook, sales website) or Lazada depending on your conditions. If Lazada has promotions on discount codes and shipping fees, you can direct customers to your Lazada store to buy there and enjoy the offers.
  • Post on social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Post on Website/Blog.
  • KOL/celebrity endorsement: PR posts, sales live streams, sponsorship videos, etc.

 6/ Optimize product information: You must ensure that every product has a complete, detailed description, including title, product description, and image. Product descriptions should be presented in bullet points, clearly divided into sections for readability with additional illustrations in the description (if applicable). In addition, the product keywords must appear in the title and description naturally to avoid frustration from readers. This will increase the chances of a product appearing on the front page of search results.

7/ Optimize the product listing: If you sell multiple product lines, divide product categories to help buyers search easily when accessing your entire store.

8/ Use sales software: A sales management software is essential if you want to do sell professionally or on multiple sales channels. Sales software makes it easier to manage orders, payments, shipping, returns, and finance. If you use a variety of sales support solutions such as storage, order fulfillment, sales management, you should prioritize synchronization systems for quick and simple automated management and updates. . When you start selling, sales will increase, requiring you to manage your data closely and accurately in parallel with your operation and marketing. Using these solutions will help you reduce a lot of work and manual pressure while ensuring customer satisfaction.


9/ Lazada advertisement: Lazada provides advertising services for sellers and budgets based on keyword bidding.

10/ Increase inventory on shopping festivals: Do not forget to import more products at least 2 months in advance and update inventory on Lazada 2 weeks before the platform’s major shopping festivals like 11/11, 12/12, Christmas, Lunar New Year, etc. with an impressive increase in orders.

Growth advice from the rising seller to top seller

11/ Do not redirect Lazada users to your own sales website: Lazada strictly controls the data exchanged between you and customers and the navigation that you recommend to Lazada users. Lazada does not allow any sellers to urge Lazada customers to place orders outside of their system. If Lazada discovers this behavior, they will suspend store operations or lock the store permanently. A professional salesperson on Lazada will know to comply with the general provisions of Lazada.


12/ Do not sell prohibited items: Lazada will delete the product and even lock your sales account immediately if you post prohibited items as prescribed by Lazada. The list of prohibited items differs in each market, do make sure you do your research beforehand!

13/ Do not react negatively to customers: Never express anger, frustration, discomfort when replying to customer messages and reviews. It will affect the emotions of other potential customers. Customers are often unwilling to interact and talk with an annoying, unfriendly seller. A professional seller on Lazada will always be friendly and engaging with customers in all cases.

14/ Product improvement: Never think that when a product is selling well, it is good enough and does not need further improvement. The more your competitors are, the higher your risk of losing customers if they have better quality products, more eye-catching packaging, attractive but genuine illustrations, solid packaging and proper specifications, high-quality customer service. Therefore, you should improve the product to increase consumer experience based on product reports by week/month/quarter/year. In addition, reviews and feedback from buyers is also a great source for you to improve the product.

15/  Do not complain about Lazada to others: Please address any issues to Lazada Seller Center instead of saying it with friends and sharing it widely on social networks. That helps you solve problems quickly without affecting customer service.

16/ Do not include technical factors in product names: If users have difficulty relating to the product, they will not buy and recommend it to others. For example, adding a product code to a product name such as “V1234 blue-collar dress” does not create any additional benefits but only makes it harder for the product to appear on users’ search results on Lazada.


17/ Sell or add categories that are easy to sell on Lazada: The following categories will contribute to increasing the chance of appearing on users’ keyword search results:

  • Technology equipment and accessories
  • Fashion
  • Home appliances 
  • Cosmetics

No one can be a sales expert on Lazada from the beginning. But you can refer to the above advice, combine it with experience when selling on Lazada to change, adjust your sales strategies in accordance with customers’ trends.

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