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Tips to promote selling on eCommerce platforms

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So you have identified the kind of products that you want to list. It is now time to boost your revenue for your ecommerce business.

Of course, you would be able to attract those potential customers and have total control over their experience inside your store just by creating and developing your online store, but the challenging part is turning them into paying consumers.

We’re going over some of the best and easy ways to put your store in front of prospective customers. 


Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the use of promotional strategies to attract or boost traffic to your online store and get the consumer to pay for your goods and hold them for potential purchases.

  1. Awareness building for your eCommerce store (Awareness)
  2. Drive traffic to the store (Consideration)
  3. Turn visitors into paying customers (Conversion)

You can either promote your business as a whole using marketing tools or further increase revenue for a specific product.

1. Advertisements are essential

The best way to build brand awareness in your store is to use advertisements. This also pushes traffic to your online store directly and potentially converts them into customers. You have to identify your target groups of people and hence choose a platform to advertise.

For instance, Facebook is a perfect platform to get started with ads because there are 2.45 billion users and a variety of customers (teens, adults, and elders). With this, you can guide customers to your website or Facebook page.

2. Customer service


On any eCommerce platform, the cornerstone of a business is customer service. You should reply to the customer as soon as you get the chance to do it or choose an automated response when you are away to retain your customer interest. Customer service helps your business to convince potential customers to buy your products, it helps you understand the needs of the consumer and can recognize their prospective products. This will, therefore, most certainly raise your revenue. After the customer has purchased the products, ask them for reviews or feedback to further improve the shopping experience for future customers.

3. Loyalty Program

A loyalty program allows you to keep existing customers, making them feel valued when purchasing your goods. You may set up a loyalty scheme, which ensures that some form of incentives will be earned when customers purchase your products.

4. Upsell your products

Upselling your products is the use of recommending customers to buy a higher-end product compared to the product in their shopping cart. This product is usually related to the product selected by the customers. But don’t overuse this since this could make their experience on your website frustrating. You can remind your customers how much more they have to spend to have free shipping. Free shipping is a form of incentive every customer will appreciate.


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