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Boost your sales on Shopee with 16 following tips (Part 1)

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When selling to Southeast Asia, Shopee is undoubtedly the one platform that you can’t miss. As a later comer to the region’s E-commerce landscape, it only took Shopee 4 years to become the top shopping application and website across all 6 SEA countries it operates in. Shopee is now a promising market for major brands for its huge customer base, and competition is fierce. To secure a foothold on the platform, here are all the tips that our experts at Omisell recommend:  

Product and pricing

Tip #1: Do your market research

The first question here is: What should you sell? There are two types of product for you to consider:

  • Common products: Groceries, home appliances, clothes are essential products that have a steady demand throughout the year as they appeal to the mass customers. However, the competition for these products is also very high. Therefore, it is advised for your store to have the best price or the best product possible to stand out from all the other stores. 
  • Niche products: Opposite to common products, niche products target certain customer demographics. For example, a niche in the clothing category is maternity wear. Since demand and competition are significantly lower, the only thing you have to worry about is how to reach out to said demographic. 

After deciding on what product to sell, pricing is the next important step. Take a look around your competitors to observe the price range and adjust accordingly. 

Tip #2: Adhere to Shopee rules

When selling on Shopee, you have to play by their rules. This means following their terms and conditions closely to prevent your store from being suspended or worse, closed. Some violations that can be detected and punished by the Shopee system are:

  • Create multiple listings for one product
  • Upload misleading product information
  • Upload plagiarized or infringed content
  • Pertain abusive behavior or scamming
  • Sell prohibited item
  • Direct customer outside the Shopee platform

Perfect your store

Tip #3: Create fabulous content

Three things that customers notice upon clicking in a product are price, visual presentation and description. Apart from price, you can invest in visual and description to make your product stand out from others. Visual-wise, you should upload at least 3 pictures that display your product clearly and aesthetically. A good camera phone, sufficient light and a flat background can easily do the trick. While writing the description, make sure to keep it detailed, correct and to the point. 

Tip #4: Shopee Top picks from Shop

Top Picks from Shop is a Shopee’s in-app feature that helps seller better promote their products. Stores can create a collection and choose up to 8 products to recommend to buyers. Whenever someone browses your shop, products from the collection will be featured which increases customer reach and conversion rates. Top Picks from Shop can easily be accessed at Shopee > Seller Centre > Marketing Centre > Top Picks from Shop.

Tip #5: Bundle deal

Another feature that can be used to boost sales in the Seller Centre is Bundle Deal. You can create product bundles with discounted offers to attract more customers. Using this tool, it is easy to mix and match your products and choose your discount type. There are three common types of product bundle:

  • Percentage discount (e.g: buy 2 products to get 5% off)
  • Amount discount (e.g: buy 2 products to get $2 off)
  • Special bundle (for specific products)

Tip #6: Voucher & discount promotions

Voucher and discounts are effective means to speed up the purchase decision when customers are browsing your store. 

Vouchers: There are currently two types of voucher on Shopee:

  • Product voucher (applicable for specific products)
  • Shop voucher (applicable to all products in the store)

Discount promotions: Can be used for one or a group of products, discount promotions enable you to drop the price in a period of time to increase the hype for the product. Take note to limit for each discount to avoid bulk-buying and enter the correct time frame as you won’t be able to extend it later on.

You can create, manage and limit the number of issued vouchers simply through Shopee > Marketing Centre

Tip #7: Choose your logistics courier

When selling on Shopee, you have to deliver packages through the platform’s partner couriers. However, you can choose your preferred courier and deselect the ones that are not beneficial to your business. Çriteria for choosing a good shipping courier are:

  • Shipping cost
  • Cash-on-delivery services
  • Return/compensation policy
  • Shipping time
  • Local/cross-border logistics network
  • Service quality
  • Customer service
  • Pickup frequency

Tip #8: Customer service

Customer service is the backbone of all businesses. You should respond to messages, comments and questions from customers as soon as possible before they choose other stores over yours. While you are away, prepare automated responses to retain their interest. Follow up on customers who already purchased for feedbacks and reviews that will benefit and perfect your store.

–> Tips to boost your sales on Shopee: PART 2

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