Should You Build Your Own Sales Website To Run Flash Sale Programs?


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Creating a Flash Sale program is no longer a challenging thing for any seller today. Anyone can easily register to participate in Flash Sale on the e-commerce platform or create their own Flash Sale on the website. However, in essence, creating a Flash Sale program on the website will be different from creating this offer on the e-commerce platform.

What is it?

Many retail businesses and sellers are gradually turning to tools that make online business easier such as websites, e-commerce platforms, social networks … in the current trend of digital transformation. And to create programs to attract buyers, stimulate demand and increase brand awareness, many brands have sales websites dedicated to attractive Flash Sale programs.

Should I build my own sales website to run the Flash Sale program?

Flash Sale is a program that takes place for a short period of time. Creating Flash Sale on the e-commerce floor is no stranger to many sellers. However, the exchange’s program will often be tied to regulations from third parties. Because of many inconveniences, the seller created his own website to run his own Flash Sale program. So what are the advantages of creating a sales website to run Flash Sale?

Increase brand awareness

Flash Sale programs will certainly be advertised to appear on social networks, thereby increasing your brand awareness. In fact, you will also save quite a bit of advertising money thanks to the viral effect (customers refer to friends and relatives). This is the purpose of all brands when creating a Flash Sale website.

Flexibility in time, variety of products

As mentioned above, Flash Sale on the e-commerce platform will depend a lot on the requirements and regulations of the 3rd party. Sellers must also meet the criteria set forth by the exchange to be able to participate in the program. Moreover, each Flash Sale will also have its own category, so creating a website to run your own Flash Sale program is a trend.

Sellers can freely create Flash Sale at any time they want, freely choose the products they want to appear in the program without any barriers.

Increase conversion rate on website

When customers shop for the first time on your website through Flash Sale. Data about their purchase history, buying behavior will often be stored on measurement tools. These tools will then analyze that data, which sellers will use to establish more effective remarketing programs.

Therefore, although it has to be done in many different steps, you can understand that: By creating a Flash sale, the website will attract more customers and set up an effective retargeting program, maximizing maximum conversion rate. Turn new customers into your loyal customers.

Realizing the importance of creating a sales website to run the Flash Sale program, OmiSocial was created to meet the needs of implementing push sale, upsell, and cross-selling programs for businesses – something that Many website providers today are limited to

Benefits of choosing OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs

  • Simple interface easy to use
  • Good support for limited-time sales promotions, and the number of goods sold
  • There are cross-selling features such as buying with a shock price when the order reaches the minimum value, gifts with the main product, etc.
  • Optimal interface for phone users similar to Shopee
  • Operational cost savings as OmiSocial does not charge (Free)
  • Can connect with Omisell to sync orders from other sales channels to OmiSocial more easily.
  • Can process orders automatically through synchronizing orders from OmiSocial to Omisell for centralized order management.

With these benefits, using OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs on the floor becomes much simpler. Currently OmiSocial is in the beta phase and has not been officially put into operation, but you can sign up to be one of the first to try OmiSocial here.


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