Install and use Omisell Extension

Tool to help optimise time to create and process orders from online sales channels

* Available on Google Chrome only

Available on Google Chrome on desktop only

What is Omisell Extension?

Quickly connect to sales management application

Omisell Extension connects to two sales management applications, Botbanhang and Pancake, in seconds.

Create and sync orders through sales applications

When creating an order on sales management applications (Botbanhang and Pancake), you can sync orders from Facebook and livestream to Omisell system when connecting to the Extension

Automatically synchronise products information from Omisell system

With Omisell Extension, you can save time when creating orders with products that have been synchronized from Omisell to Facebook and other sales channels

How to use Omisell Extension?

Install Omisell Extension and manage your business easily

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Are you ready for operational automation?

*Application on Google Chrome only