Instructions on how to set up payment methods on Omisocial


Adding more sales methods on OmiSocial will help you increase your ability to reach more customers. To install payment methods on the OmiSocial sales page, follow the instructions below:

At the main interface after login of OmiSocial, select the sales page you want to install the payment method on. Here select the settings item as shown in the picture.


At the newly opened payment interface, select payment


Set up payment settings manually

In the Manual Payment Methods panel of the payment settings interface, select Add Payment Setting. Here, you can install 2 payment methods on the OmiSocial sales page


COD payment (cash on delivery)

In the Add payment configuration table select “Payment method” as Payment on delivery (COD) and name this payment method (e.g. Cash payment,…) > > Fill in a note (if necessary) then select Add new to save the settings.


Bank transfer

Select “Payment method” as Payment via bank, enter the name of the payment method and you enter the bank name, bank account holder name, and account number, add a note ( if necessary) then select Add new to save.


Similar to the COD payment, the newly created Setup Method Name will appear in the Manual Payment Methods table along with the payment method toggle button and the payment form content edit button.

Payment settings through Alepay

At the payment settings interface, select Connect in the AlePay panel, in the newly opened window, fill in the information about the Token key, Encrypt key, Checksum key in your AlePay account, and select the Connect button to save the settings.

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