Errors during orders synchronization


You may encounter the following errors/problems when synchronizing orders, let’s figure out how to resolve these errors/problems:

  1. Synchronising orders: Forgetting to sync orders from e-commerce platforms

Go to “My Store” -> Switch on “Sync Order” for the platform that you want to sync back to Omisell.

  1. Synchronisation error is maybe caused by the customer has not opened Active Status for the Order Sheet on Omisell

Go to “Orders” -> “Add Orders” -> “Import google sheets” -> Turn the status active for the order Sheet that you want to sync.

3. Error when creating an order with many products from Google Sheet, products are not displayed

In the Google Sheet orders -> Product column -> If you want to add additional products to order, simply add “,” in-between each SKU.

  1. Error occurs when the status is “Created” when creating a new order using Google Sheet, but it doesn’t show created orders on Omisell

You may have created too many sheets and put all status to “Active”. To overcome this, you need to go to “Add Orders” -> “Import google sheets” -> “Go to list” -> Deactivate “Active” status for all sheets and return to “Sync now” to create new orders.

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