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Cross-check Payments with Carriers

To cross-check payments with carriers you need to install the “Payment Reconciliation” app in the Browse app section to be able to track the status.


Cross-check Payments with E-commerce Platforms

To cross-check payments with e-commerce platforms, what you do is similar to cross-checking payments with carriers. Previously, you need to install the “Payment Reconciliation” app


Botbanhang Application

Botbanhang application helps with chatbot installation on your sales channels according to your sales scenario you give to optimize customer care and closing orders. To


Return Handling Application

This application helps you to manage shipments. It also aids you to control and create shipments for refunded or unsuccessful deliveries. 1. Install the Return


Connect to Boxme

For users who are using Boxme, having stock available and inventory handling will be of great benefit if you integrate with Omisell. When there are orders


Pancake Application: Connecting to Facebook

Pancake application helps with multi-channel sales, especially to answer customers’ requests and questions, manage the business on online channels such as Facebook and a few


Set-up Advanced Inventory

After you have installed Advanced Inventory, the next thing to do is set-up Advanced Inventory to start shop-based inventory allocation. This will ensure the amount


Sync Products from Boxme to Omisell

For users who are currently using Boxme, having stock will be beneficial for inventory handling process if you integrate with Omisell. To start synchronizing products


Payment Reconciliation Application

Payment reconciliation app is an app that helps you manage and track your deliveries to aid you manage your business easier 1.Payment Reconciliation installation To


Omichat Application

Omichat, an application owned by Omisell, enables users to easily manage chat tabs that are connected with Omisell user’ account on e-commerce marketplaces such as


Inventory Synchronization

What is Inventory Synchronization on Omisell? When syncing inventory onto the Omisell system, you will be able to manage all your products in your warehouses.

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